No Shells Here: Pistachio Gelato

pistacchio-gelato.jpgPistachio is used as the litmus test of gelato sampling. It’s a standard flavor, along with hazelnut, at any serious gelateria in Italy. Gelatiamo co-owner, Skyler Locatelli insists that the true test of a successful gelateria is the ability to perfect pistachio or hazelnut gelato. When he travels to Italy, the first item he samples is one of those flavors. If they are good, he knows the other flavors will be good too.

Here in the United States, pistachios are synonymous with the golden rolling hills of California’s Central Valley. However, the trail of pistachio shells starts in the Middle East. During the heyday of the Levant trade in the Middle Ages, the Venetian Republic introduced the addictive nut to Italians. Soon pistachio trees began popping up along the fertile, volcanic-soiled hills of Sicily and beyond. In fact, Sicilians adore pistachios so much that they celebrate the rich, flavorful nut the second week of October.

Made in true Italian style using pistachios from the Mediterranean region, Gelatiamo’s Pistachio Gelato is a silky blend of Sicilian and Turkish pistachios. It’s sublime, verdant green color with just a hint of tan – what you’d expect the nut to look like – is full of pistachio flavor. Ideally, you’d pair it with another flavor, perhaps a chocolate or berry gelato, just like it’s done in Italy. But who’s saying you can’t eat the whole pint by itself?!

Gelatiamo's Pistachio Gelato is on our menu through the end of March. The best thing about it: you get your pistachio fix without wrestling the shells!