New Art At Broadway

frankie-tribal.jpgThis month’s new art at the Broadway Pizzeria comes to us from Frank Khrounek. The Chicago native has been practicing art ever since he can remember. He credits his parents with fostering his creativity and encouraging him. As a kid, trips to the art store with his dad were one of the highlights of his week. Frank took a break from art to pursue his other interest, culinary school. He was compelled to take up his brushes again in 2006 after a trip to Italy. The beautiful paintings in Rome and the picturesque Amalfi Coast inspired him to start painting again in earnest. The seasons have a big influence on Frank’s art. Spring is a very creative time for him, and is when he does most of his painting. He draws a lot of inspiration from music. All of his art is very personal to him, as he does it for no other reason than he loves painting and enjoys the creative release that it offers him. The show at Broadway features his first time working with layering canvases, and he hopes to explore this technique in more depth in the future. You can get contact information and see more of Frank’s art at his website.

If you are interested in showing your art at the Broadway Pizzeria, please email