'Nduja: An American Spin on a Calabrian Classic


'Nduja (pronounced en-DOO-ya) doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but it does make mouths happy! By now you’ve seen this tongue-twisting indredient on our menu as the star topping of our new Matador Primo and you’re probably wondering what it is - or maybe you thought it was a typo.

This spicy pork sausage hales from Calabria, Italy, but didn’t start gaining popularity in the states until recently. Calabrians slather this chorizo-like meat on bread and stir it into sauces, but many Americans would probably find more than a small dab of ‘nduja much too spicy. La Quercia set about creating their ‘Nduja Americana, mellower version of the fiery original.

Because La Quercia believes happy pigs make happy pork, their ‘nduja recipe starts with meat from Heritage Acres and Niman Ranch – two producers that are committed to quality and compassion.

“We’re proud to source pigs that are humanely raised and antibiotic-free. Both of these producers are reliable and admirable in their care and concern for the well being of the animals,” says Erin Goldman at La Quercia.

Marrying the rich umami flavors of prosciutto, the smokiness of speck and a bit of heat from red peppers, we felt La Quercia’s ‘Nduja Americana was perfect for our pizza.

“We’ve tried about any way to eat ‘nduja that we can think of and I have yet to not like anything,” adds Erin. “It’s great on pizzas, burgers, in mac and cheese or as a base for sauces.”

We combine ‘nduja with Castelvetrano olives, Manchego cheese and fresh mozzarella for our new Matador Primo. Get a taste of this pizza on the bar at all pizza-by-the-slice locations every Thursday while it’s part of our seasonal lineup!