Naked Olives Ahead!


Did you know that black olives hide their natural beauty behind the veil of an additive called Ferrous Gluconate? This water-soluble iron salt artificially sets a black color in the olive. It doesn’t change the olive’s flavor, just its color. It is still the same amazing vegetable that people love to enjoy on their pizza. But somewhere in its history, cloaking its brownish, purply black flesh beneath a black veil became all the rage.

Well, it’s time to let the olives disrobe and not shy away from their true selves. We have switched to an olive that is proudly au naturel. Unnecessary additives have been stripped away. The olives are simply clad in plain water and sea salt before exhibiting on our pizza.  

Why the switch? When we found out about this natural olive, there was no question that it fit our desire to get, um, closer to nature. Granted, Ferrous Gluconate does have a cosmetic effect people love. However, given the choice, we prefer as few additives as possible.  

They are the same great tasting olives that we had before, except now they’re just naked.