Meet Our Crew: Todd Weyand


General Manager Edgar Bobadilla (pictured left) presenting Associate Manager Todd Weyand with a special pizza peel in honor of his 20th anniversary.

Before the sun is up, our Commissary is a hive of activity. Cooks buzz over steaming pots of our signature marinara sauce, pizza dough whirls around dough hooks in its dedicated room, and delivery drivers back large trucks into the loading dock, ready to whisk essential ingredients for our pizzas to Pagliacci locations around town. At the helm of this hub for the last 20 years is Commissary Associate Manager Todd Weyand. 

Hailing from Eastern Washington, Todd worked for a place he describes as “Spokane’s Pagliacci,” a sizable, well-known chain called Pizza Pipeline. He headed up the commissary as general manager for a few years and learned the art of making really good dough.

“I moved to Capitol Hill in 1995 and wandered into Pagliacci Pizza one day,” says Todd. “I was thinking about going back to school to study music and interested in finding a part-time job. So I stopped in, had a slice of the Pesto Primo and I was hooked.”

General Manager Edgar Bobadilla, who has led our Commissary crew since the beginning, immediately saw Todd’s merit and offered him a full-time position instead. Since Todd’s first day on the job helping manage dough preparation and store deliveries, Pagliacci has grown exponentially and Todd’s talent and skill have flourished along with it.

“What keeps me coming back every day is that I can make a difference here unlike at a big business. It feels great to be able to do that,” says Todd, adding that enjoying his job all boils down to working alongside incredible people.

After two decades in the Commissary, Todd’s reliability and dedication coupled with unwavering enthusiasm make him an invaluable member of our family. Congrats on 20 years, Todd!