Meet Our Crew: Ashraf Abdalla

Ashraf Abdalla’s career with Pagliacci got off to a rocky start.

“His first day was a crazy day,” remembers Field Manager Jeff Maneval. “I got a call from Jun [Kenney, Phone Center general manager] on a Friday night telling me to go help Sand Point out, which is not the norm. I left my store and found [co-owner] Matt Galvin tossing, Ashraf making pies and their general manager running ovens. I found out later it was his first day with no trainer and could speak maybe four words of English.”

That was Jeff’s first impression of Ashraf. But, with a healthy dose of humor and loyalty, Ashraf persevered through the language barrier and learning curve, eventually seeking out a change of pace within our company. Not long after Ashraf’s kitchen nightmare, Jeff hired him as a delivery driver for our Stone Way location.

“Ashraf is a loyal worker, a nice guy and a family man,” Jeff explains. “Those characteristics usually equal great employee.”

A decade later, Ashraf says he still loves delivering pies to our hungry fans in Wallingford. Congrats on 10 great years, Ashraf! Here’s to many more!