Meet Our Crew: Angela Agustin

Angela Agustin Angela (pictured center with the late Tyrone Fabroa's sister and brother) was the recipient of our 2013 Tyrone Fabroa Award for exemplifying Tyrone's devotion to Pagliacci and his peers.

Since the dawn of time food has brought people together. Many of our crew members have fallen in love between the lunch and dinner rush. But, we have one location in particular where the odds of finding your sole mate are stacked highly in your favor. Just ask our Bellevue Square General Manager Angela Agustin.

"I work with the most amazing people and have made life-long friendships," Angela explains. "I also stumbled upon my fiancé while working for Pagliacci."

Admittedly, it wasn't love at first sight - she regularly reprimanded him for not shaving - but he eventually stole her heart at our annual golf tournament.

"We joke that there’s a Bellevue curse," she says, rattling off couple after couple who met on the job at her pizzeria. "We’re better than a dating website! We do background checks! And they’re employed!"

Maybe our Bellevue location is Cupid's favorite haunt, but we think its amorous vibe has more to do with the energy that Angela brings to the table. Despite her pint-sized stature, she is a force to be reckoned with, shouldering her weighty role with a beaming smile and ardent disposition. Splitting her time with her newly appointed field manager position, Angela spends much of her day motivating crew to go above and beyond both on the line and with each other. Seemingly unbeknownst to her, she leads by example every step of the way.

"I love the people! It stems from our ownership," Angela says. "[Owners] Matt [Galvin] and Pat [McDonald] are the most generous, respectful and hardworking people I know... It’s hard not to mirror their leadership; to grow, to be the best we can be, and do the right thing by our customers, our crew and the company."

Between lending support and advice to managers and crew at various locations, taking care of customers, managing events and winding down her day with Bellevue's dinner rush, Angela still finds time to chase after her three-year-old son Xavier, plan her upcoming wedding, and whip up a batch of her famous banana bread muffins.

You can experience the Bellevue Square romance first-hand this Valentine's Day with music provided by crew member Kristina Kulishova from 6 to 8 p.m.