Lights. Camera. Action.

clapboard.jpgEvery so often we’re asked to take part in a casting call. We don’t always know the name of the movie. Sometimes it’s called “Working Title” or “Untitled Production.” Sometimes we know who will be starring in the film. Sometimes we don’t. Regardless of what we know about the production in advance, the part we are asked to play is always the same. It is the role that lends authenticity to a film set in Seattle. That’s right. We’re asked to play a prop. It may not be the most glamorous role, but we love representing this city. You could call it typecasting. We call it the role we were born to play. Our performance may not make it past the cutting room floor. However, when we do get some screen time, like we did in Singles (we've changed our look a lot since then), it’s a little exciting…whether anyone aside from us notices or not. Our most recent film credit is 50/50. Inspired by a true story, it is about relationships while coping with cancer. There’s still time to catch it in theaters. And watch for us at the end of the movie.