Few events we sponsor are more fun than KEXP's Father's Day Kids Dance Party. This year, host John Richards kept things grooving with the help of DJs Darek Mazzone and Larry Rose. Pagliacci has been sharing the dance floor with KEXP for many years. While the music and dancing are the main events, we provide our own brand of fun.


Armed with trays and trays of dough, our best cooks are there to teach the youngsters (and their parents) how to toss dough like a pizzaiolo. Spinning dough flies through the air and creativity is the only rule. Some want all the technical tips we can offer, and try and try to spin it like a pro. Others care less about pizza and prefer to make dough babies, purses, hats, pillows—you name it, they've made it.


KEXP, founded as a student-run radio station in 1972, has grown over the years into an innovative, influential cultural force in the Pacific Northwest community and beyond. As radio stations have become increasingly consolidated, owned by a handful of companies, an independent, DJ-driven station is a rarity. With the help of devoted listeners in Seattle and—since KEXP's pioneering move to stream radio on the web—across the world, KEXP has steadily expanded their reach. Their new home in the Seattle Center was made possible by more than 8,000 capital campaign donors and 16,000 annual fund donors.


Pagliacci and KEXP have shared a partnership in numerous ways throughout the years. In addition to being a sponsor for the Father's Day Kids Dance Party, we are proud sponsors for this year's Concerts at the Murals, starting August 2nd! Keep an ear out for our on-air sponsor mentions whenever you are listening!