How to Grade Like a Pro

Ever wonder what we look for when grading pies? Some of the things we worry about so you don’t have to include:

  • Size – We hand toss every single dough ball and want consistency in your crust.
  • Sauce distribution – Puddles of sauce are unwanted – as is an unsightly red ring going around the edge of your pizza.
  • Crust definition – Does the pizza look round? Is the crust defined? Does the pizza hold up when you go to eat it? We look for a consistent, well-defined crust that “pops” up from the rest of the pizza.
  • Topping consistency – We want the cheese all the way to the crust and the toppings should be evenly distributed – not all loaded into the center. Half-and-half pies should be even.
  • Color on the top and bottom of the pizza – We look for a perfect golden brown on both top and bottom. Using brick ovens lets us get that crispy, flavorful bottom that just can’t be replicated in most ovens.

Of course these are all just side components to the one grading that is the easiest – taste testing!