Holiday Party 2011

Everyone loves traditions, especially when they involve free food, dancing and prizes, and we are not any different here at Pagliacci. Our annual Holiday Party for our crew always draws a big crowd, and this year was no exception. In years past, our crew has bobbed for smelt, raced Green Machines, and carved Spam. (No, there aren’t any plans to add Spam as a topping, thanks for asking.)

This year we celebrated the season with a Festive Holiday Wear Contest at The Crocodile. Whether they wore sweaters that pushed the limits of style or costumes that reflected the season, even the scrooges had an opportunity to get into the holiday spirit with the plethora of fake antlers that were available to wear. Extra raffle tickets for some great prizes were awarded to those who really embraced the holiday theme. With an Xbox 360, Seahawks tickets, a Kindle e-reader and a Blu-Ray player up for grabs, the people handing out the raffle tickets attracted a small crowd wherever they went up until the drawings. Our friends at Macrina made some delicious hors d'oeuvres, Reverend of Rock from London Loves kept the music going all night and Airpocalypse from “America’s Got Talent” made a special appearance as well. Chris Bunger, GM from Juanita took the top prize for his costume, Tony Schaffer from Crossroads popped and locked his way to the coveted King of the Dance Floor title, and Queen Anne ran away with the prize for Most Store Spirit. If you are interested in seeing some of the fine folks who make, bake, and deliver your pizzas, check out the location pages on our website. Store photos will be up soon!

Thanks Marcina!
Thanks Marcina!

Commissary GM Edgar Bobadilla…a study in style.

Raffle tickets were in high demand all night.

Our DJ for the evening…Reverend of Rock

Ballinger shows off its Holiday Spirit

Special Appearance by Airpocalypse!

Holy Spray Paint! Kenmore GM Ted Bartlett and a color not found in nature.

Dylan Haydu and Brandon Ogestelli and their… Mustantlers? Antlerstaches?

Tony Schaffer…King of the Dance Floor

Juanita GM Chris Bunger, Best Costume prizewinner with John Clifford and Jeff Woodruff show off their Holiday Wear.