Happy Anniversary, Uvania!

Uvania's family - Luis, Angel, Uvania and Luis Rene

On December 10th 2002, Uvania Balbuena stepped through the door of our Sand Point Delivery Kitchen and began her first shift as a novice cook. After 10 years and a change in locations, Uvania is a senior crewmember at our Commissary. She’s taken on the responsibilities of organizing the (many) daytime catering orders that come in, ordering the produce that the Commissary needs and writing the prep list for each day’s catering orders. She is very thankful that General Manager Edgar Bobadilla and Associate Manager Todd Weyand have the confidence in her to pass along those responsibilities. This means a lot as the Commissary continues to thrive between producing all of Pagliacci’s pizza dough, delivering to our growing number of locations and satisfying a steady demand of large daytime orders.

While everybody at Pagliacci feels like family, 2 out of 3 of Uvania’s family members actually work for Pagliacci. Her husband, Luis, is the Associate Manager at our Valley Delivery Kitchen and her son, Luis Rene, has worked at Sand Point for the last 3 years. Her youngest son, Angel, would probably be working for Pagliacci but he’s only 4!

When she can wrangle her family together, she likes to go shopping with them. The Macy’s downtown is one of her favorites! Congratulations on 10 years, Uvania! Thank you!