Happy 15th Anniversary, Srecko!

Srecko and Bruno

This week marks Srecko Kramberger’s 15th anniversary as a driver for us! After moving from Maribor in Slovenia to the United States in 1995, Srecko joined Pagliacci as a driver at our West Seattle Delivery Kitchen in 1997. He drove for our Crossroads and Stone Way Delivery Kitchens before settling in at Valley Street where he has been since 2005. Srecko has definitely made his mark there. General Manager Brandon Steele comments that he’s the type of guy that will come in early and stay late. And, if it is a hot day and they are busy, Srecko will bring milkshakes in for his co-workers. Srecko even spends a couple of days a week delivering daytime catering orders out of our Commissary. When he is not negotiating the “Mercer Mess”, the “Dexter Disaster” or the “Westlake Wrangle”, Srecko likes to spend time with his wife, golf, kayak and walk Bruno, his 6-year-old cockapoo.

Congratulations on 15 years, Srecko!