Hala Kahiki

Pineapple1.jpgA highlight of a recent trip to Maui for the winners of our Associate Manager contest included a tour of the Maui Gold Pineapple farm. In addition to being the farm that provides us with the fresh pineapple we use for our pizza topping, it is the only working pineapple farm in the United States that allows tours. Everyone had a lot of fun seeing where our pineapple comes from. This particular variety of pineapple was developed at the Pineapple Research Institute at the University of Hawaii in 1973, although their farming tradition has been part of Maui’s culture for over 100 years. Due to its low acidity and high natural sugar content, the Maui Gold is not a good canning pineapple, but its sweet, juicy fruit is ideal for eating out-of-hand or baked on a pizza! While they were there, Rudy, one of the owners, put on an impressive display of machete prowess while cutting up some of the fruit for them to eat. He also gave them some tips on choosing the perfect pineapple when they got back to the Mainland. Ripe pineapples should be yellow on the outside. As pineapples do not ripen after being picked, try to avoid green pineapples. Pineapples that are brown on the outside are overripe and should be avoided. And, if at all possible, pineapples should be kept out of the refrigerator until it is time to cut and serve them.