Give Some Warmth, Comfort and Joy


As the mercury dips, we are reminded of how many people are left out in the cold. Bundling up is such an easy thing to do for so many of us, but there are thousands in Seattle alone that could use some extra warmth this season.

According to recent reports by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Seattle has the third largest homeless population among major cities. While the numbers are staggering, they don’t reflect people suffering through times of hardship who simply cannot afford to purchase winter clothes. Just like food and shelter, warm clothing is a basic human need that no one should be without.

To help bring some warmth to our neighbors in need, we are partnering with the Queen Anne Helpline this season. As you clean out your closets and buy new winter clothes, consider donating gently used coats, warm bedding, wool socks, shoes, hats and gloves at our Queen Anne pizzeria. We will be collecting donations through December 31.

Most Needed Items: 

Warm coats, wool socks, gloves and hats

Larger sizes of clothing for men and women

New packages of socks and underwear for men

Shoes, especially for men

Bedding, towels and blankets