Gelatiamo during the holidays


We absolutely love talking to Maria Coassin at Gelatiamo. Her pride and obvious enthusiasm for her gelato is nothing short of infectious, and you soon find yourself wanting to grab the nearest spoon and start sampling at her gelataria downtown.

While we carry their chocolate, lemon, mint chocolate chip, raspberry, panna (a.k.a. sweet cream), salted caramel and a seasonal selection, Gelatiamo offers many more flavors. Unfortunately, we’re limited on freezer space. In addition to gelato staples like pistachio and tiramisu (which we carry seasonally), Maria and her business partner, Skyler Locatelli, are currently featuring a number of holiday flavors at their gelataria.

Out of all of the delicious seasonal gelatos that Gelatiamo offers, we focused on featuring Eggnog Gelato this year. Gelatiamo’s sweet, subtly spiced version is a rich, creamy indulgence that will make lovers of the holiday drink swoon.

Candy Cane Gelato

Maria is quite proud of her Candy Cane Gelato. Candy canes are not a traditional Italian treat, so Maria had to create a recipe that met her very high standards. She found an amazing organic peppermint from Oregon. Candy cane pieces marbled into the gelato add a festive touch.

Ginger Snap Gelato

Their Gingersnap Gelato is very popular. They extract as much ginger flavor as they can from ginger roots by steeping the roots in the milk that they use to make the gelato. Crumbled gingersnap cookies are added for texture and for that extra ginger zip.

Zabaione Gelato

Gelatiamo’s Zabaione Gelato is inspired by the traditional Italian custard dessert that is popular around Christmas.Maria actually calls it the Italian counterpart to eggnog. Whole egg yolks enrich this decadent gelato that is also flavored with Italian Marsala wine.

Blood Orange Sorbet

The deep red coloring of the flesh of blood oranges and their crisp, tart taste are wintertime favorites in Italy. Gelatiamo uses freshly squeezed blood orange juice to make a refreshing sorbet that is sure to awaken your taste buds. It is an excellent palate cleanser! 

We really wish we could carry all of these holiday flavors. Alas, ovens outnumber freezers at our locations, so we are only able to deliver Gelatiamo’s delicious Eggnog Gelato. Of course, you may enjoy all of their flavors at their gelataria at Third and Union in downtown Seattle. You can find pints of Gelatiamo’s gelato at DeLaurenti Food and Wine in Pike Place Market, Central Co-op’s Madison Market, Uptown Metropolitan Market, and Gelato’icious in Everett, to name a few. Flavor selections vary. Have a sweet time enjoying the gelato!