Free Pizza for a Year?

topping_pie.jpgLike a scientist in the lab, we love to experiment with new flavor combinations in our kitchen. However, we recognize that some of you are quite talented food engineers with a few ideas of your own. Is the Modernist Cuisine six volume set or abridged At Home version on your bookshelf? Do you enjoy testing and calculating new formulas of foodstuff? Do you always know what will make that restaurant dish taste a little better? More importantly, do you want a free pizza every week for a year? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (or just the last one), you’ll want to enter our pizza recipe contest.

Two years ago, we asked all aspiring pizza researchers for the perfect pie and found a winner from over 750 entries. It was difficult, but we chose one fabulous formula of fodder created by Page Harader, which is now a seasonal pie currently being featured through May 28th – the Bacon Leek.

You don’t need an advanced degree in Molecular Gastronomy to enter. Select from our current pizza toppings or something you would like to see on our menu. The winning entry will be available as our featured combo for 3-4 weeks running with one of our seasonal pies. We will be taking entries through June 15, 2013. Put on your lab coat and enter to win on our website.