For Tyrone

Please wear a lifejacket!

Today would have been Tyrone Fabroa’s 37th birthday. To mark the occasion, his brother Kevin Sayson and sister Abby Manibusan reached out to Seattle Children’s Hospital for their help in organizing an event to raise awareness for drowning prevention and water safety. Kevin was delighted to hear that Children’s Hospital would help. The event was held today at the Marina Pavilion Park in Kirkland. After a few words of welcome from Kevin, Elizabeth “Tizzy” Bennett from Children’s Hospital and Deputy James Knauss from the King Country Sherriff’s Office each spoke briefly about the need for water safety education and the importance of wearing a life jacket. Deputy Knauss likened life jackets to bike helmets. “It wasn’t really cool to wear a bike helmet a few years ago” said Deputy Knauss, “but now you see them all the time. I’d like to see that happen with life jackets.” Two of Tyrone’s friends, Daniel Paet and Burt Javier, lightened things up a bit with an acoustic performance. Many of Tyrone’s coworkers from Pagliacci were in attendance, and Kevin said he was amazed at the support that he has received from the Pagliacci family.

KING 5 and KCPQ 13 were there, and KING 5’s Meg Coyle will broadcast a report about the event on their 5 pm newscast.

A table full of life jackets for kids were collected, and $180 was collected to help fund efforts to raise water safety awareness. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Kevin Sayson welcomes everyone

Burt Javier and Daniel Paet