Dylan Haydu's Art at Broadway


When General Manager Leighan Schreiber started talking about putting art on the walls at the Broadway Pizzeria, she says that crewmember Dylan Haydu really liked the idea and took the initiative to make it happen. He volunteered to paint some of his pizzeria coworkers, inspired by the sense of community that he feels with them. They have been through a lot together over the past year and they really made him think about family. In his statement for his series Pizza People of Pagliacci, Dylan says that his portraits are “a celebration” of his co-workers.

Painting in oil was an easy choice for Dylan. Even though there can be a lot of disadvantages in using oils, he appreciates the tradition and the versatility that they offer and the technical knowledge that they require. His method for each painting was to take a photograph of his subjects and paint the portraits from those. He did not use just any photo, however. Dylan really wanted to use pictures that that would capture the spirit of the person sitting in front of him. He wanted them to be natural, and recognized that it might be hard to look that way in an artificial, “posed” setting. Even though he was painting from a photograph, every painting was a surprise due to how the light fell on them differently. The paintings took between 10-15 hours apiece. He plans on giving each person “their” painting after the show.

We’re glad that Dylan chose to share his art with us. He plans on adding more portraits through the month of February. Visit his blog to see more of his work. Leighan hopes to feature new artists on a monthly basis starting in March. If you are interested in showing your art there, please email samples to broadway@pagliacci.com