Castelvetrano Olives: Worth Their Weight in Salt

Salumi Mole Primo

Hailing from the province of Trapani in Western Sicily, Castelvetrano olives are a rare but wildly popular variety here in the United States. Adored for their meaty bite and buttery flavor, these olives bring a bright quality to everything they touch. They even have their own Facebook fan page – a true mark of popularity.

While Salumi’s mole salami easily steals the spotlight on our Salumi Mole Primo, we should take a moment to recognize the significance of this briny fruit. If you’ve shied away from olives in the past because of their bold flavor, you might want to give these a second look. Young Castelvetranos are harvested and cured in lightly salted brine, giving them a vivid green hue and mild flavor. Popping up on specialty store olive bars and local farmers markets in recent years, these olives are great on their own and play well with plenty of other flavors. On our Salumi Mole Primo, the olives enhance the salty sweet flavor profile of mole salami and pair perfectly with rich Manchego cheese.

We're offering the Salumi Mole Primo through the end of July. While supplies last, Castelvetrano olives are also available as a topping on your favorite pie.