Giving New Meaning to Carside Service


What do you get when you combine construction on 520, I-90 and parts of I-405? A typical Tuesday. Throw in a quick visit from President Obama and you’ve got a veritable parking lot. For our delivery drivers, maneuvering bumper-to-bumper lanes is just part of the job. But as the president was making his way through town last week, things got interesting.

Not only was 520 closed on July 22, construction on parts of I-405 resulted in heavy traffic as well, forcing our Old Bellevue (Main Street) drivers to go out of their way to make deliveries to Yarrow Point. We all know getting pizza from our ovens to your plate as quickly as possible is our most important job, so one of our drivers decided to get a bit creative, brightening a customer’s day.

“I was on my way to Yarrow Point to deliver a pizza when Obama was visiting Bellevue last week,” says Delivery Driver Brice Rents. “I got to the point where he was crossing and security had shut down the entire street.”

Brice called the customer to let her know that her pizza was going to be late because of heavy traffic.

“I had my windows rolled down, and after I hung up I heard her voice a couple of cars up from me,” Brice recalls with a laugh. “So I decided to just deliver her pizza to her car. I figured she might like to enjoy it while she’s stuck in traffic.”

The customer laughed as he dropped off the pie at her window and happily accepted the delivery. He hustled back to his car just as traffic was opening up again. Now, that’s service.