Better with Pizza: Our Winter Seasonals Will Warm Your Spirit

Got the winter blues and the longest night of the year is still to come? Or has the bustle of the holidays worn you out? Or is rainy season traffic dragging you down? Find inspiration and comfort in our seasonal pizzas—they may be just the thing to warm your spirit. 


Our Pear Primo celebrates the Washington State pear (Washington State is the largest grower of pears in the country). We buy the juiciest, tender pears available and layer thin slices over a blend of fontina and mozzarella on an olive oil base. Next we crumble creamy, piquant gorgonzola on top, and add mushrooms, and red onions. Walnuts come on the side, for you to add to taste. The mix of sweet, salty, creamy, and nutty will dazzle nearly any palate.  


The Butternut Sage Primo is another approach to achieving a rich, savory balance of tastes—naturally sweet, meaty, salty, and earthy. We start with our favorite winter gourd—the butternut squash. We roast it to bring out its nuttiness and combine it with aromatic sage, which adds depth to the natural sweetness of the squash. La Quercia prosciutto adds a delicate, meaty saltiness and chanterelle mushrooms gathered by Foraged and Found Edibles enrich the pizza with their velvety texture and earthy taste. We layer all this goodness over a blend of mozzarella and fontina on an olive oil base. 


Finally, the perfect capstone to a relaxing evening this time of year is Gelatiamo’s Peppermint Gelato. They use an exceptional organic peppermint oil from Oregon to give this satiny pink frozen treat a flavorful bite. Judicious swirls of crumbled candy cane bits in the creamy mint gelato give it a holiday crunch and sweetness. A pint with your next pizza will round out your day in seasonal style.