Ballinger BBQ


In our Aloha blog we mentioned the companywide contest we hold to sharpen our managers and crew. While the winning General Managers were whisked away to Maui and the Associate Managers flown to San Francisco (blog coming soon), the crew for the winning location is rewarded as well. This year our Ballinger location took top honors and we took them out for a little celebrating. We gave everyone a paid day off and staffed the store with crewmembers from other locations as well as our operations team. The Ballinger crew was tasked with deciding how they wanted to celebrate. We started the outing with a barbecue at Terrace Creek Park. General Manager Brian Youngdahl set up a barbecue feast and crewmembers Kayley Gordon, Katy Rice and Molly Wakenshaw showed us that they could bake pies other than pizza pies. They were fabulous! We enjoyed some Frisbee golf, ladder ball and corn hole (supplied by former GM Tyrone Fabroa) before heading off to bowl a couple games. It was great weather for a barbecue and a fun time overall. I have a lot of appreciation for the Ballinger crew for being such a solid team. Thanks for all of your hard work!