Anybody Seen Squatch Lately?

Change is in the air! As you cautiously emerge from your covid cocoon with a new sense of freedom, you may be thinking: Pagliacci must be about to launch some new pizza boxes, and right you are! 

Buy another frame and clear space above the mantle because Ames Bros has done it again. Look out for another killer design coming soon to a pizza near you. 


Squatch has reoriented to the here and now. It’s time to breathe deeply and soak up the moment. Yearning for a Squatch sighting? Look for him taking in sunsets at Golden Gardens, listening to the ethereal beauty of a solo violin at Benaroya Hall, harmonizing with nature at the Japanese Garden, or mindfully watching the endless march of waves at Alki Point.  

And that’s just the large pizza box. What else do you suppose our newly enlightened Squatch might be up to? Stay tuned...