A Chance to Give Back

st.-james-cathedral-kitchen.jpgLast night, a few of our General Managers put down their pizza peels and volunteered to help prepare the daily meal at St. James’s’ Cathedral Kitchen. Jeff Maneval from the Miller Delivery Kitchen, Jim Tanguay from the 85th Street Delivery Kitchen and Paul Williams from the Crossroads Delivery Kitchen were joined by Paul’s daughter Winter, our Food Cost Accountant Eric Holstad, owner Matt Galvin, his wife Michelle and daughter Grace to help the Cathedral Kitchen staff and volunteers cook up a delicious southern-style dinner. They planned and prepared a menu of pork ribs, potato salad, cornbread, watermelon and cookies donated from our friends at Macrina Bakery for 150 homeless men and women.

Michelle Galvin was inspired to organize the effort after reading an article about how a restaurateur in New York City helped save a struggling soup kitchen. She thought about how it was our business to feed people and saw an opportunity to give back to the community. Michelle said that the day was very moving and she’s immensely proud that the crew enjoyed it so much.

According to Director Jill McAuliffe, anyone is welcome to come in and get a hot meal as long as they are respectful of the other people there. Sack lunches are available for people who may not be able to stay. Jill is proud to point out that there is always fresh fruit, fresh salad and a vegetarian option available. She enjoys the challenge of organizing the meals and the volunteers, but derives the most satisfaction from knowing that she is helping to feed someone who is hungry, a feeling that was echoed by Jim Tanguay. He remarked he was reminded of how lucky he is and how heartening it was to see how people were willing to give so much of their time to help others.

About 80% of the food is either gleaned from area stores or directly donated The Cathedral helps provide staples such as salt, sugar, flour and canned or frozen vegetables, but the need is great, and Jill says that they can always use help.

If you would like information on how you can contribute or volunteer, contact Jill McAuliffe at 206-264-2091.

(From left) Eric Holstad, Paul Williams, Winter Williams, Jeff Maneval, Jim Tanguay, Michelle Galvin, Grace Galvin.

Cathedral Kitchen Director Jill McAuliffe

Michelle, Paul and Jim help serve dinner.

Matt Galvin says hi to one of the guests.