4th of July, 2011

This year’s 4th of July promised great weather and it delivered! It’s our custom to take a break from the kitchens and celebrate the holiday with our crew at our annual company picnic. After grilling up burgers, veggie burgers, chicken, sausage and hot dogs for over 350 crewmembers, friends and family it was time for them to show off in our annual Pizzalympics. The games included Fastest Box Folding, Fastest Toss (to 17”), Biggest Dough (tossed in 30 seconds), Pizza Relay Race and Tug-of-War. And the winners were: Box Folding - Emory Liu from Miller Delivery Kitchen (two years in a row) Fastest Toss – Luis Bibiano-Lopez from Sand Point Delivery Kitchen Biggest Dough – Sam Kosola from 145th Street Delivery Kitchen Relay Race – 145th Street Delivery Kitchen Tug-of-War - University Pizzeria.