$3.14 Pi Day Deals

π = $3.14


Pi Day is an annual celebration of the famed mathematical constant, Albert Einstein's birthday and edible homonyms (aka tasty round things). Without that irrational (its decimal expansion never ends or repeats) and transcendental (no finite sequence of algebraic functions could ever produce it) number you'd never be able to calculate the area of our pizzas. The number runs over a trillion digits past its decimal point, but for most of us, a little rounding is sufficient. For example, to compute the area of our 11-inch pizza you multiply pi (3.14) by the radius squared, which is—we said no calculators needed to enjoy our deal—just over 95 square inches of pizza. On Pi Day you can double that for just an additional $3.14. Or take advantage of another transcendental deal: two slices for only $3.14.

We first started our Pie Day celebration in 2014. A year earlier, Pagliacci co-owner Matt Galvin had delivered several pizzas for a Pi Day party in his son's math class. The students wrote thank you cards with suggestions for what Pagliacci might do in the future for Pi Day. The next year we started offering our Pi Day specials.


Given the ubiquity of Pi Day celebrations for pizza and pie around the country, you'd almost think Pi Day was a culinary holiday, but it started in San Francisco at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1988. An Exploratorium physicist named Larry Shaw got the idea while talking to a colleague about the mysteries of Pi. The contradiction of its irrational and transcendental properties was enough mathematical beauty for him to suggest an event to celebrate the magic of math. He had a solid brass marker engraved with the words "The Interdimensional Rotator" and circled by the first 100 numerals to the right of the decimal point in Pi. On March 14, 1988 math enthusiasts gathered for the first time at the Exploratorium to slowly walk clockwise around the brass monument three and one-seventh times while reciting the endless digits of Pi. They also sing happy birthday to Einstein. Celebrating Pi Day—in a variety of colorful ways—has become a global sensation, much to the surprise of Shaw, whose colleagues have nicknamed him the Prince of Pi. "Ours is a mystery religion," Shaw told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Just like others, we circumambulate the things we respect."


So whether you love math or love to hate it, celebrate the circular and transcendent nature of Pagliacci's pizza with us this π Day. Our Pi Day slice offer is good for any combination of available offerings at our slice bars (all locations but 85th, Juanita and Valley). Or enjoy our whle pie offer. Tax will be added. Other coupons cannot be combined with the Pi Day special.