Pizza Contest: From zippy to zesty, we're closing in on a winner

We're in the final stages of judging for our pizza recipe contest! While we let our last pizza tasting digest, we'd like to take a minute to recognize the top 20 submissions:

Kelly Chrey

Jim Samuel

Juliana Jackson

Catherine Clepper

Mary Dodge (x 2!)

Liane Smith

Joseph Mucci

Carol Strong-Turner

Tarmara Bunnell

Ben Jamin


Sonja Schroeder

Dave Bodmer

Scott Shotwell

Daryn Nakhuda

Lindsey Turner

Evelyn Boekoff

Eric Oberg

Greg Reed

James Gamble

Kelly Jones

Mildly tart with a pop of color, preserved lemon was one of the most common recipe components. Maybe it's your way of brightening up the Seattle gloom. Next up was briny feta, which, like pizza, goes way back with Greece. The tangy cheese was paired with everything from bacon to zucchini. Finally, it's obvious you all love clams. These little mollusks popped up time and again in your entries. Clams are a favored Italian ingredient and plentiful around these parts, so why not throw them on a pie?

Many of you went the extra mile by naming your masterpiece, like Jim Samuel's salty-with-a-kick creation, "The Barn Burner" or Eric Oberg's aptly named pie, "The Vongole Primo."

For the ingenuity and gusto you put behind your recipes, we think you are all winners. But, there can only be one top chef. Stay tuned to find out who will take home free pizza for a year and earn a coveted spot on our menu!