Hungry for the Finish Line: Stone Way Remodel Series

The Current State of Stone Way & 40th Street

What you see is what you get in this tiny kitchen

A blank slate ready for remodel

You may have noticed that conspicuous pit at the corner of Stone Way and 40th Street. The overhaul of our most petite location is already in the works, and soon enough this delivery kitchen will be a glimmer of its former self. Despite the added pressure of working in a construction zone, the crew at Stone Way is taking it all in stride.

From dealing with a busted water heater to having their already small space cut in half to make room for construction, the unwavering Stone Way team has faced some obstacles since the remodel began. The prize for their patience? A modernistic store featuring a slice bar, spacious lobby, dining room, and fresh kitchen fixtures. This crew is eagerly anticipating the end result.

“I’m looking forward to having more space. And the lobby,” says Stone Way General Manager Brady Madsen. “And it’ll be cool having a dining room again. I worked in the Edmonds store years ago, and it was nice having the dine-in service.”

Brady is gearing up for the new Stone Way by bringing on lots of new faces to the crew, making for an increasingly cramped kitchen. But with Stone Way’s completion slated for September, he will be happy to have a larger team ready to hit the ground running. Squarely in the middle of new apartment complexes and bus stops, Brady anticipates a swift increase in business come September when kids are back in school.

“It’s going to be awesome,” Brady adds. “We’re all excited about that. The finish line is going to be great.”