Chicken Sausage & Morel Primo

Sausage and mushroom is a classic combination for good reason. The subtle sweetness of sausage is perfectly matched with the earthy richness of mushrooms, and the tang of tomato brings it all home. But this month we’re spotlighting a pie that takes sausage and mushroom to a whole new level: the Chicken Sausage & Morel Primo.

Popping up in the spring and fall, the morel can’t exactly be counted on and rarely appears in the same place twice. This fickle fungus' growing conditions read like Mariah Carey’s backstage rider: The air can't be too cool nor too warm, there must be the right amount of moisture, and it helps if there are dying trees nearby. Fortunately, our friends at Foraged & Found Edibles are scouring the surrounding forests to help us bring you this seasonal sensation. Our chicken sausage – much easier to track down than its mushroom counterpart – comes from locally owned and operated, Isernio’s Sausage. Like our morels, it is all-natural and simply delicious.

We understand that not everyone is a fungi fan, so while the Chicken Sausage & Morel Primo is still around, you can add chicken sausage as a topping to any of our other pies. Enjoy it while you can!