Peak Season for the Asparagus Primo

asparagus_primo It’s no secret that we love locally sourcing our products as often as possible. Not only does this sustainable practice lend itself to a tastier pie, it helps build community while fostering a cleaner environment. Washington is one of the largest Asparagus producers in the United States, so we feel fortunate to have this elegant, vitamin-rich pizza topping growing in our own backyard.

The star player on our famed Asparagus Primo comes from Kinsey Farms in Sunnyside, Washington, just a couple of hours away. Nestled in the Yakima Valley, these slender green spears are plucked at the peak of perfection. We roast them to bring out their robust flavor and then add mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions, and mozzarella. The pie is finished with a Locatelli Romano and breadcrumb mixture, adding subtle crunch with a smack of sharp flavor.

One of the first spring crops in Washington, asparagus season started about a week earlier than usual this year. The season won’t last long, so be sure to pick up this Primo before it’s too late!