Pizza Bites

Hello, friends! We hope everyone had a great weekend and a very special Mother’s Day. There’s still plenty of time to enter our pizza recipe contest. The winner gets a free pizza every week for an entire year, and more importantly, bragging rights as the creator of a seasonal Pagliacci pie. As we head into the week, we'd like to share some favorite pizza news from around the Web:

  • We're trying not to drool all over the May issue of Saveur Magazine, but it's all about our favorite food.
  • Need to find a slice STAT? Pizza Compass can help. This handy iPhone app will point you toward the closest slice of cheesy, doughy goodness.
  • Have you heard about our Stone Way remodel currently in the works? We’re adding a slice bar and dining area to this location, so you can get your pizza fix even faster.
  • There’s a shortage of pizzaioli in Italy! No, really.
  • And finally, sometimes sports take priority over pizza. Especially, when you're a hockey fan.

So, who’s ready for some pizza?


Here's a sneak peek at our new, improved Stone Way location.