Tips for a Winning Mother's Day

The Original is the perfect base for all of Mom's favorite toppings.

Let’s face it: We’re not all great with remembering special dates. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (ahem, May 12)! If you want to do something special for Mom but forgot to set a reminder in your smart phone, do not despair. We have a slew of great last-minute ideas that are sure to please. Here are our top five favorites:

  1. Pizza and a movie: Somehow Mother’s Day got lumped with brunch, but we think moms should be treated to great meals all day. By now, you should know Mom’s favorite movie and pizza toppings, or at least have a general idea. Hint: If you don't know, Dad does.
  2. Create a video in lieu of a card: For the tech savvy, there are lots of easy ways to pull together a sweet video for Mom. Bonus: She’ll be able to save it and watch it whenever she needs a smile.
  3. Cook her favorite meal: If you have the chops, a home-cooked meal is an impressive way to show your gratitude. We’ll handle dessert.
  4. Flowers, of course: Flowers from the neighborhood farmers market are always a fun way to say “I love you!” But you can go above and beyond by planting her favorite blooms in the yard.
  5. Make some memories: Plan a fun hike, take in a film, go for a bike ride. The point is, spending time with Mom is always welcome, especially if it’s spent doing her favorite thing.