20th Anniversary for "The Voice of Pagliacci"

When you call to place an order with us, you are usually greeted by the voice many have come to associate with Pagliacci. The woman with that cheerful voice you hear in our welcome messages is Jun Kenney, General Manager of our Phone Center. Today she celebrates her 20th anniversary with Pagliacci. When Jun joined the Pagliacci family, she was tasked with making a go of pizza delivery at our Queen Anne Pizzeria. She agreed to the job not knowing the first thing about pizza or delivery. She started out with three phones ringing off the hook. Rather than put people on hold, she’d lay the receiver down so customers could hear that she was truly busy. Jun soon realized she could give customers better service if she had a system of keeping track of their names, addresses, likes and dislikes. So she turned to the most advance technology at that time…a Rolodex. Her friendliness, helpfulness and great customer service are a significant part of the success of Pagliacci. She embodies service, always making sure our customers and her staff are taken care of by doing whatever she can to make sure everyone’s experience (whether ordering pizza or working for us) is a positive one. Many people have asked if “The Voice” is really that cheerful, to which we answer with a resounding YES. Jun’s laughter reaches every corner of our corporate office many times throughout the day. Read about some of Jun’s experiences over the years in our Fall/Winter newsletter.