2012 Holiday Party

Vice President of Operations Jeff Woodruff fires up the crowd.

Around this time every year, we shut the ovens down early and gather together for our annual employee Holiday Party. Past years have seen our crew taking over such venues as Capitol Hill’s Chop Suey, The Georgetown Ballroom and for many years, the late, lamented Sunset Bowl.

Before it closed in 2008, our holiday parties enjoyed legendary status with the Sunset employees. They often wondered what we would think up next. Past party antics included our takes on The Weakest Link, The Gong Show, Fear Factor (where finalists had to eat balut to win a coveted prize) and Survivor. The Survivor challenge actually ran over a couple of months, and just like the TV show, the finale was live at our holiday party. The lucky top two stores had the dubious distinction of bobbing for smelt at our party. The Sunset employees had just about as much fun as we did trying to figure out what we would do every year.

The Crocodile in Belltown was the site of this year’s party. Music from dj100proof and the opportunity to hang out with friends away from the ovens made for a great evening. Once again, we upheld the proud Pagliacci tradition of contests. Rather than tests of intellect or how much grossness one could stand (see balut reference above), this year offered an exhibition of physical talent. Pure brawn and an iron will helped Kassandra Bolin from our Kenmore Delivery Kitchen win a very hard- fought hula hoop battle. Mollie Carriveau from our Main Street Delivery Kitchen showed how low she could go and took the Limbo trophy. We also held a prize raffle. Judging by the cheers, Seahawks tickets were the most coveted prize of the night!

Angela Revell from Pagliacci Support Central and Timothy Handy from the Phone Center mug for the camera.

Associate Manager Rick Rogers from the Sand Point Delivery Kitchen claims his Seahawks tickets from Jeff Woodruff.

Kassandra Bolin from the Kenmore Delivery Kitchen shows off her hula hoop trophy.

Dj100proof lays down some beats.

Obada Al-Attal and Karim Hanafy from the Ballinger Way Delivery Kitchen and Shift Leader Brittian Piper from the University Pizzeria share a laugh.

Ethan Williamson and Main Street Delivery Kitchen Shift Leaders Molli Carriveau and Andrew Krykos take a break.