edgar.jpgWednesday February 29th is Leap Day, and we wanted to celebrate it by rolling prices back to one of our favorite leap years, 1984. Back then, we only had 2 pizzerias, and you could get a slice of our Original Cheese for $.90 and a slice of our Primo for $1.35. Our first pizzeria in the U-district was a great place to stop in and grab a quick bite before heading to Peaches Records to get the new Van Halen LP, 1984. Their tour that year was the first concert I ever went to. (My mom and I had a great time.) 1984 also saw the debut album from Bon Jovi and Ricky Martin’s first appearance with Menudo.

I also vividly remember the haircut I was sporting at the time. I knew it as a Bi-Level, but we know it today as The Mullet. My friends who listened to New Wave favored a more, shall we say, asymmetrical haircut. Rattails were in, and everyone one I knew had a bad experience with Sun In hair lightener. Girls had bangs that reached heights that they have not seen since.

One thing to love about clothes during the 80’s was their functionality. With all the neon that everyone was wearing, it’s a wonder that anyone ever got lost. Thanks to leg-warmers, nobody was ever cold, and it seemed like everywhere you looked people were wearing shoulder pads.

The Ave Pizzeria was also a great place to eat before taking the quick walk down the block to see Greystoke - The Legend of Tarzan, The Cotton Club, Ghostbusters or Amadeus at the Neptune Theatre. It was also a good place to get a slice after seeing The Terminator, Bachelor Party, Beat Street, or Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom at the Varsity a bit further down the street.

Our Pizzeria on Broadway had opened the year before and the adventurous residents of “the Hill” had a new favorite place for a quick bite or a lingering night out.

Regardless of which pizzeria you visited, you could be assured of getting a great slice of pizza. Sadly, the days of pleather pants and mesh shirts are gone, (Yes, I wore both…together) but you can meet up with friends and remember the old days this coming Wednesday when we roll back our slice prices. It will be Totally Rad to the Absolute Max!