Salumi's Mole Salami

The lunch line at Salumi is legendary, quickly growing into a wait of 30 minutes or more. By now, just about everyone knows that if it is a quick bite that you are after, you had best get there as early as possible. Try a few minutes before they open otherwise you risk them running [...]

The Elusive Morel

Much like its cousin the truffle, morels are some of the most elusive mushrooms around. They have never been successfully cultivated and their short growing season means that when they're gone, they're gone, so they can fetch a high price at area Farmer's Markets. However, mushroom lovers prize their musky, loamy taste no matter what [...]

Our Spring/Summer Newsletter has arrived!

OK…we admit it. We jumped on the Seattle World's Fair bandwagon like everyone else. But then, it's not often that an entire city gets to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of one of its iconic structures. And, while putting our Spring/Summer Newsletter together, we found out some interesting things about the area around Seattle Center. Would [...]

Naked Olives Ahead!

Did you know that black olives hide their natural beauty behind the veil of an additive called Ferrous Gluconate? This water-soluble iron salt artificially sets a black color in the olive. It doesn't change the olive's flavor, just its color. It is still the same amazing vegetable that people love to enjoy on their [...]

A Special Salumi

Like many Seattleites, we've developed an affinity for Salumi Artisan Cured Meats. We patiently waited with bated breath for them to receive their USDA certification. The moment that happened in 2005 we could barely contain our excitement and built a seasonal around their Finocchiona salami. Consequently, we have been looking for an excuse to feature [...]

BACON. Need we say more?

Let's face it…just about everyone loves bacon. Many people have called it "the gateway meat" and its salty, smoky charm can even turn some vegetarians back into carnivores. The demand for the Bacon Leek pizza that won our recipe contest last year proved so strong that we knew we had to bring it back. This [...]

The Meatball

Occasionally, a topping that we love fails to do as well as we think it should. Such was the case with our Meatballs. We had wanted to offer meatballs as a topping for quite awhile, and thanks to CasCioppo Brothers in Ballard we finally found a meatball that we felt suited our pizzas. We thought [...]


When I was growing up, the concentrate used to dispense Coca-Cola came in large metal cylinders that weighed (what was to me) a ton. At a friend's restaurant, we would get a glass and put in varying amounts of the four flavors that were available: Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, and Orange. We called them [...]

Zucca (That's Italian for pumpkin)

Pagliacci co-owner Matt Galvin recalls that when he initially proposed the idea of pumpkin gelato to Gelatiamo's founder Maria Coassin, she was struck by the audacity of his idea. A gelato traditionalist, Maria did not see how there would be a demand for this very non-traditional flavor. In Italy, pumpkin is not really used in desserts. [...]

Our Local Hero

It's been a busy month for 85th Street Delivery Kitchen General Manager Jim Tanguay. Fresh off of celebrating his 20th. anniversary with Pagliacci, Seattle Weekly awarded his entry into their Annual Homebrew competition as the Best In Show. Coming out ahead of 55 other entrants, Jim's beer was praised by the judges for "its balanced [...]