Seasonal Pizzas, New Salad, and a Whopper

The garden tomato: they thrive in the long, hot summer days and develop flavors unlike anything you'll find at the supermarket. And their aroma! Take a deep whiff—that's the quintessential smell of summer. [...]

New Seasonal Pizzas For Your Gatherings

With rising numbers of those vaccinated and falling virus cases, gatherings at parks, in backyards, at friends' homes—inside!—are happening all across the greater Seattle area. Maskless smiles abound, as do, gulp, hugs. After a year of isolation, it feels almost like a mass celebration. [...]

Mash-up: Lil Woody's & Pagliacci

Love pizza AND burgers but can't decide which to have for dinner? A Capitol Hill collusion yields two creative solutions, one by Pagliacci, the other by Lil Woody's. Tasty? Check. Fun? Check. Hungry? Check out our blog to learn all about it. [...]

Gifts of the Land: Our New Seasonals 

From asparagus to Skagit strawberries, Yakima Valley peaches to Walla Walla onions, wild mushrooms from our western forests to esteemed local producers of cured meat and sausage, we live among an embarrassment of riches. [...]

New Seasonals to Plan Your Week Around

Delicious local products make our favorite topping - and are featured in our latest seasonal pies! [...]

Spring Seasonals for Your Table

With the beginning of Spring comes fresh seasonals; Our Matador Primo, Broccolini Combo and Riso gelato from Gelatiamo mark the seasonal transition! [...]

Celebrating Italy: Two Seasonal Pizzas Inspired by Regional Italian Cuisine 

Our latest seasonal pizzas are inspired by regional Italian dishes and flavors. [...]

A New Gelato Flavor and Two Seasonal Pizzas for the New Year

We teamed up with Gelatiamo to bring a new gelato flavor - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! [...]

Now Delivering: Two New Holiday-Inspired Adult Beverages

'Tis the season to lift the glass. Though the cheers may be Zoomed, there's no reason to skimp on what fills your cup. With that in mind, we've added two new seasonal adult beverages to our menu—one inspired bubbly and one beer that is dearly inspired. [...]

Inspired by Seasonal Produce and Local Chefs

Our new seasonals are here: Pear Primo, Butternut Sage and Peppermint Gelato [...]

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