New Season, New Seasonals 

As we inch into fall, we're still enjoying the last of the summer harvest. One of our favorite end of season crops is new potatoes. We think of potatoes as being a year 'round crop, and due to modern storage, they mostly are with the exception of New Potatoes, which are sold right after they're harvested August through October.  [...]

Farm to Pizza Seasonals

Our August seasonal specials include Peachza, a long-time customer favorite, Emily's Pie, our newest seasonal. [...]

An Ode to Tomatoes, Dreamy Meatballs, and Frozen Whoppers 

New seasonals: Summer Heirloom, Salumi Meatball Primo and Whopper Gelato. [...]

Our State Vegetable: The Walla Walla Onion (And Other Seasonal News) 

Our new seasonal pizzas are here, featuring Washington's State Vegetable, Walla Walla sweet onions! [...]

Asparagus Prosciutto, BBQ Chicken and Orange Cream Gelato

Our latest round of seasonals are packed with the flavors of late spring. [...]

Beecher's Handmade Cheese & Pagliacci Pizza

Collaborating with local artisans has always been our chosen route to sourcing the best ingredients for our pizza, and we're doubling down. Beecher's Handmade Cheese is our latest addition. [...]

Salame Piccante, Broccolini Combo and Funfetti Gelato

Our latest round of seasonals include a new gelato flavor, Funfetti, to bring fun and color to the end of winter. [...]

The Archeology of Taste: New Seasonals

Our new seasonal pizzas offer glimpses into Italian history. [...]

Looking for some seasonal inspiration?

Whether you're cozying up to your new favorite show, or returning from a day at the pass, let us deliver you dinner! [...]

Better with Pizza: Our Winter Seasonals Will Warm Your Spirit

No cooking tonight. No really! The holidays are busy and we're giving ourselves permission to build some extra time into our evenings. We think you should too. Plus, our newest seasonals are now available and happen to be some of our customer favorites. [...]

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