Anybody Seen Squatch Lately?

Look out for another killer design coming soon to a pizza near you. [...]

85th Street: New and Improved

Our store on 85th, one of our busiest, was sinking into the ground, necessitating some major construction. We made some major improvements to the interior, including more windows, a slice bar, and a dedicated pickup station for customers who've ordered ahead. [...]

New Topping: Field Roast Italian Sausage

After extensive tasting of plant-based meat alternatives, we have chosen to add local vegan favorite Field Roast Italian Sausage to our list of premium toppings. Read our blog to learn more. [...]

π = $3.14

No need to break out the calculator to enjoy Pi Day, March 14 (aka 3/14). Here's how the math works out at Pagliacci: Order an 11" pizza and get a second 11" pizza for just $3.14. [...]

A New Gelato Flavor and Two Seasonal Pizzas for the New Year

We teamed up with Gelatiamo to bring a new gelato flavor - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! [...]

Online Ordering Made Even Easier

We've made online ordering faster and simpler with our new online ordering platform! [...]

Seasonal Specials: New Beer and Wine Offerings

We're offering two spectacular adult beverages, a new beer and a special red wine, to spice up your evenings at home for the month of November. [...]

Farm to Pizza Seasonals

Our August seasonal specials include Peachza, a long-time customer favorite, Emily's Pie, our newest seasonal. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: Trophy Cupcakes

Order any whole pie this Saturday (June 6) and while supplies last we'll bring you a kit from Trophy Cupcakes with all you (or your kids) need to decorate your own dream cupcakes.  [...]

Now Available: Rachel's Ginger Beer

Due to the popularity of our Rachel's Ginger Beer giveaway, we're adding it to the menu! [...]

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