Farm to Pizza Seasonals

Our August seasonal specials include Peachza, a long-time customer favorite, Emily's Pie, our newest seasonal. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: Trophy Cupcakes

Order any whole pie this Saturday (June 6) and while supplies last we'll bring you a kit from Trophy Cupcakes with all you (or your kids) need to decorate your own dream cupcakes.  [...]

Now Available: Rachel's Ginger Beer

Due to the popularity of our Rachel's Ginger Beer giveaway, we're adding it to the menu! [...]

Pike Street: A Homecoming

We're moving our Broadway store to a light, airy new space on Pike Street. It's opening Sunday, December 29! [...]

Cider Delivery

Now you can get packs of Schilling's Cider delivered! [...]

Vegan Cheese?

We doubted it was possible, but we found a vegan cheese our team of cooks and tasters like. We're rolling it out to all Pagliacci locations. So if you're looking for a dairy alternative, we've got you covered. Read on to learn more about our new dairy-free cheese. [...]

40 Facts about Pagliacci Pizza

We're 40! Some might call that old, but in restaurant years, 40 is legendary -Sasquatch legendary- heard of, but rarely seen. We've seen a lot in our 40 years, and learned a little along the way. Read our list of 40 facts about Pagliacci on our blog! [...]

May Seasonals! Asparagus Prosciutto, BBQ Chicken, Orange Cream Gelato

Join us in celebrating this flavorful season with our Asparagus Prosciutto, BBQ Chicken and Orange Cream Gelato. Read more about these delicious seasonals here, on the blog! [...]

Rosé All May!

The 2018 Pour Me Rosé, made from 100 percent Malbec, is brisk and refreshing. Vibrant pink in color, it has a delightful mouth-watering acidity. Watermelon and alpine strawberry flavors dominate. And àMaurice Cellars made only 88 cases. We purchased as many bottles as we could and are proud to offer rosé all May. [...]

The history of Amatriciana, and other seasonal news!

If you've visited a trattoria in Rome, you may have come across spaghetti all'amatriciana (pronounced: ah-mah-tree-chana), Rome's famous pasta dish. Like many things with a long past, dig deep enough and you find some historical controversy. Some Romans claim the recipe originated in Rome, even though it bears the name of Amatrice, the medieval Italian hill town in central Italy. Read more about the history of all'amatriciana and what inspired us to make our Amatriciana pizza! [...]

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