Our Upcoming Giveaway: The Confectionery

Remember that joyous feeling of walking into a candy store as a child and the delight of being surrounded by glass jars brimming with colorful sweets? That's The Confectionery, Seattle's ultimate candy store and the source of our next giveaway.  [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: Cone & Steiner

Here we go again! Cone & Steiner is our next giveaway. Order a whole pie this Tuesday and while supplies last we'll include C&S Trail Mix. Warning: it's addicting! [...]

Now Available: Rachel's Ginger Beer

Due to the popularity of our Rachel's Ginger Beer giveaway, we're adding it to the menu! [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: Coro by Salumi

Next giveaway: Coro by Salumi! Order any whole pie this Saturday and we'll gift you (while supplies last) a salami from Seattle's legendary salumeria.  [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: Macrina's Cinnamon Rolls

Next giveaway: Macrina's Cinnamon Rolls! Order pizza for dinner on Tuesday and we'll treat you to Wednesday's breakfast.  [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: Tom Douglas's Rub With Love

Next giveaway: Rub with Love! Order a whole pie this Saturday and while supplies last we'll include a jar of Tom Douglas's Rub with Love!  [...]

Now Delivering Growlers of Manny's!

Good news is in short supply these days, but we have some: We now deliver growlers of Manny's! Filled growlers are just $13 (growler = four pints). And you can exchange the empty growler for a full one at Georgetown Brewing and get $5 off the replacement. [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: Caffe Vita

To help support some of our peers during this crisis, we're partnering with them to give away special treats with deliveries. This Tuesday (April 21), with every whole pie order, we'll be giving away a 4 oz. bag of their Caffe del Sol coffee beans. [...]

Beecher's Handmade Cheese & Pagliacci Pizza

Collaborating with local artisans has always been our chosen route to sourcing the best ingredients for our pizza, and we're doubling down. Beecher's Handmade Cheese is our latest addition. [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: Cupcake Royale

Our giveaways continue with Seattle's favorite cupcake bakery! Order a whole pizza this Saturday and while supplies last we'll include two of Cupcake Royale's most popular cupcakes. [...]