Upcoming Giveaway: Jon Boy Caramels

Order a whole pie this Saturday (June 27) and as part of our community giveaways we'll treat you to a box of Jonboy Caramels.  [...]

Community Passageways: Altering Lives

Pagliacci has partnered with Community Passageways since 2018 and recently put up $45,000 in matching funds to help support their efforts. The response from our customers and friends has been overwhelming. Altogether we have now raised nearly $130,000. Read our blog to learn how Community Passageways helped change the life of one of our crew.  [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: Fran's Salted Caramels

Order a whole pie this Saturday (June 13) and as part of our community giveaways we'll treat you to a box of Fran's Salted Caramels. [...]

CHANGE. Start Together. Start Local. Start Now.

Pagliacci is matching all donations made to Community Passageways till we reach our goal of a $30,000 donation. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: Trophy Cupcakes

Order any whole pie this Saturday (June 6) and while supplies last we'll bring you a kit from Trophy Cupcakes with all you (or your kids) need to decorate your own dream cupcakes.  [...]

Third Door Coalition

Third Door Coalition seeks to solve chronic homelessness in Seattle/King County through the proven solutions of Housing First and Permanent Supportive Housing. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: Ellenos Greek Yogurt

If you've never tried the Greek yogurt that Ellenos makes, you're going to want to order pizza this Tuesday (May 19). With every whole pie, while supplies last, we'll bring you a two-pack of Seattle's best yogurt. [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: The Confectionery

Remember that joyous feeling of walking into a candy store as a child and the delight of being surrounded by glass jars brimming with colorful sweets? That's The Confectionery, Seattle's ultimate candy store and the source of our next giveaway.  [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: Cone & Steiner

Here we go again! Cone & Steiner is our next giveaway. Order a whole pie this Tuesday and while supplies last we'll include C&S Trail Mix. Warning: it's addicting! [...]

Now Available: Rachel's Ginger Beer

Due to the popularity of our Rachel's Ginger Beer giveaway, we're adding it to the menu! [...]

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