The Driver Trophy

Meet Plamen Petrov and how he will never forget the day he had to relinquish Pagliacci's driver trophy. [...]

Pagliacci Pizza's Core Value Awards: Honoring Excellence

Every year, at a company dinner event called the Annual Luncheon At Night (years ago, it actually was a luncheon), Pagliacci Pizza honors a select few outstanding crew members for job excellence. Over great food and a presentation reviewing the past year and looking forward to the next, the highpoint is the award ceremony. Nothing exemplifies the excellence Pagliacci Pizza strives for more than the Core Value Award winners! [...]

Let the World Pizza Games Begin!

Every year, pizza chefs from around the world gather in Las Vegas to compete in the World Pizza Games, the Olympics of pizza, if you will. Pagliacci Pizza has held a company-wide skills competition since 2008, but we've only sent crew members to the World Pizza Games since 2017. This year, 50 crew members entered our competition for the four spots on the podium. Read more about the winners of our competition! [...]

Celebrating Erna Mueler

At Pagliacci, no ingredient is more essential to our success than our employees. Recently, one of our valued employees, Erna Mueller, retired after nearly 23 years in Accounts Payable at Pagliacci. We honored her with a party at Canlis. Read our blog about Erna's story at Pagliacci! Thank you, Erna, for all you did for us. You will be dearly missed. [...]

Colorworks Wins Pagliacci Battle of the Bands 2018

Sometimes the winner is obvious before it's even announced. Not this time. Seven accomplished bands, each featuring a Pagliacci Pizza crew member, thrilled the crowd at Chop Suey on Monday, June 11th. The show went on until 12:30 am, when Colorworks was crowned the winner and walked away with an epic trophy belt and 2 days of recording time at Hall of Justice. Congratulations Colorworks, for winning Pagliacci's 2018 Battle of the Bands! [...]

Lucha Libre Volcánica

Pagliacci Pizza supports many local organizations in ways big and small. Perhaps none is as colorful as Lucha Libre Volcánica, Seattle's home for the popular Mexican sport called Lucha Libre, or "free fighting." Quinn Ressler, Pagliacci's General Manager at Crossroads, a former "luchador" and big fan, turned us onto the group. Read on to learn more about their exciting performances and the training behind it. [...]

Thirty-Five Years on Broadway

We opened our second-ever store at 426 Broadway Avenue East on January 5th, 1983. It's been a long and colorful journey and we're honored to be a constant part of Seattle's changing landscape. Read on to learn more about the present and past of our store at this dynamic location. [...]

Falling in Love Over Spilled Pizza Sauce

When Kayley and Niels got married, they had to include Pagliacci Pizza in their ceremony. After all, it was where things got started. Once the group wedding photos were finished, they ran off with the photographer to our Ballinger store for some more personal shots. Kayley says, "Our lives revolved around pizza. We always joke that we fell in love over sinks of dirty dishes and spilled pizza sauce." [...]

Behind the Wheel with Srecko

Srecko Kramberger has been delivering Pagliacci pizza for twenty years, primarily to downtown and Queen Anne. The city has changed immensely in that time. Read about Srecko's experience and unique perspective on our growing city right here. [...]

Ellie's Podcast 11

Seattle's highest-profile young journalist may be Ellie Suastez. She's eight years old and already has interviewed dozens of guests for her podcast, including Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole, mayoral candidates Carrie Moon and Jenny Durkan, KUOW's Bill Radke, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and even Santa Claus. To top it all off, "Ellie's Podcast 11" just won Best Podcast in King 5's Best of Western Washington. Read all about Ellie's Podcast 11 and learn about her latest podcast which is with Khalil Mardini, the General Manager at Pagliacci's Madison store. [...]

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