Day 4 -- North Division

Each day saw a new low toss time for the competition and 145th's Mike Baxley's 28-second pie was smoking fast. Unfortunately for him it wasn't pretty enough to move him on to the next round. That wasn't the case for Sam Kosola and Amanda Johnson. The two former fellow crewmembers hired 5 days apart tied [...]

Day 3 -- Central Division

Things are getting down to the very end of the first round. Because of scheduling conflicts, not every bracket gets completed right away. There was a lot of cross-division competing in addition to the Central division's first crack at their best cheese pizza. The East Division is set – Paul Williams, Bert Trotter, and Khalil [...]

Day 2 -- The Southwest Division

The Commissary laid down the gauntlet. Wow! Alex Henderson, the muscle behind the daytime catering at Pagliacci's Commissary, strolled into today's competition, volunteered to toss first and coolly delivered a 36-second cheese pizza. For a few minutes I thought back to the UNLV teams with Larry Johnson, Stacy Augmon, Anderson Hunt, and Greg Anthony [...]

March Madness -- Pagliacci Style

Every year there is a Thursday in March that is unlike any Thursday throughout the year. The first round of the NCAA tournament is like a holiday for me. I have pretended to be sick, actually been sick and cut class all to take in the games. The only thing I haven't missed in the [...]

Day 1 -- The East Division

Today was the tip-off for Pagliacci's March Madness Best Cook Competition. 13 cooks gathered at our Bridle Trails location with their carefully selected dough ball in tote. Each cook tosses, sauces, cheeses, and cooks a cheese pizza. The pizza is then graded rigorously by the judges - with all competitors looking on. Unlike our other [...]

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