Pagliacci March Madness Day 4 -- Central Regional

The last day of the first round turned out to be the fastest – and was the only region dominated by crew. Co-workers Marc Goodwin and Matt Millen of Stone Way showed up together and left together – as the top 2 performers of the day. Their GM, Brady Madsen, came decked out in Air [...]

Pagliacci March Madness Day 3 -- North Regional

The weekend hit and our biggest turnout so far descended on Lake City to toss out the best pies they possibly could. With nearly 20 competitors tossing today it was quite a lot of pizzas to judge… and eat! Mike Baxley, GM of 145th, was glad for all the competitors because he nearly forgot about [...]

Pagliacci March Madness Day 2 -- West Regional

The West Regional tossed pies at our Magnolia delivery kitchen with hopes of advancing to the Sweet 16. With higher times than the East's tossers, everyone hoped for a quality pie. With the majority of competitors either currently working at Magnolia or having worked there in the past Home Kitchen Advantage seemed likely to come [...]

Pagliacci March Madness Day 1 -- East Regional

Every year as the NCAA basketball tournament starts winding down, our best cooks start warming up for our Best Cook Contest. This is our third year since expanding the field to 64. We break up our 22 stores into regions and get 64 of our best cooks to battle each other in a contest of [...]

Best Cook Competition

This April, 64 of Pagliacci's best tossers tested their mettle against one another. The early rounds saw some great performances - especially in the North Bracket where Mike Baxley from 145th, Kyu Han from 85th, Brian Youngdahl from Ballinger and John Bassage from 145th put up not only the best 4 scores of their region, [...]

Pagliacci's April Madness

For the last couple of years we have had a best cook competition that has become our version of March Madness. Each cook is tasked with making the best possible cheese pizza in less than 60 seconds. This year we got off to a late start, renaming the event April Madness. We started off with [...]

The Championship - Young and the Rest of Us

On Saturday afternoon all of our finalists and several managers gathered at our Lake City location for the final round of our March Madness competition. Tension mounted as traffic on I-5 delayed the start of the tossing. Some competitors isolated themselves and some fretted over dough. When it came time to compete, all were ready [...]

Day 5 -- Whittling Down

We completed half of our Final Four Wednesday afternoon but not without throwing a big curveball to the cooks. But I'll get to that in a bit. After one cook dropped out due to injury, Tony Schaffer from Bellevue stepped back into the mix. It seemed that there were some nerves judging by lack of [...]

Day 6 -- The Last 2 of 4

Today's competition may not have been as tight as Syracuse and UConn's 6 OT battle nor as classic as Hoosiers, but it made me think of both. I always remember Shooter (Dennis Hopper) moving from a spectator to a coach – and then getting his shot when Coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) gets himself ejected. [...]

How to Grade Like a Pro

Ever wonder what we look for when grading pies? Some of the things we worry about so you don't have to include: Size - We hand toss every single dough ball and want consistency in your crust. Sauce distribution - Puddles of sauce are unwanted - as is an unsightly red ring going around the [...]