Take a Bite Out of Hunger

Did you know that one in six households in Washington doesn't have access to affordable, nutritious food on a regular basis? Keep reading to find out how you can help take a bite out of hunger! [...]

Magnolia Grows Up

After 18 years in Magnolia, our tiny delivery kitchen is about to get a lot more exciting! Check out what we're up to at the corner of West Dravus and 17th Avenue West. [...]

Bellevue Square: The Next Chapter

Get excited, Eastside fans! Our Bellevue Square pizzeria is opening its doors on Thursday, September 26, after a big remodel. This location, located between Nordstrom and Crate&Barrel, is now more aligned with our other popular pizzerias. The fresh updates include a pizza-by-the-slice bar for meals on the fly and Freestyle Coke machines on each floor. We're also beefing [...]

Finishing Touches: Stone Way Remodel Series

Our location on Stone Way has come a long way in just a few months! Remember that pit behind the building? It’s now a spacious dining room. And the plywood walls have been swapped with steel and stained wood. General Manager Brady Madsen and his crew shift between apprehension around the new additions (SLICE BAR! DINING [...]

Hungry for the Finish Line: Stone Way Remodel Series

You may have noticed that conspicuous pit at the corner of Stone Way and 40th Street. The overhaul of our most petite location is already in the works, and soon enough this delivery kitchen will be a glimmer of its former self. Despite the added pressure of working in a construction zone, the crew at Stone [...]

Rolling Back Prices as Queen Anne Turns 25

Things that rocked Seattle in 1988: grunge, Seahawks, and Pagliacci Pizza. Our Queen Anne Pizzeria had just opened at the corner of Queen Anne Avenue and Mercer Street, perfectly positioned to feed droves of sports fans and club-goers. Turning 25 this year, our Queen Anne location has grown up with the neighborhood. Things are a [...]

Time for Change: Stone Way Remodel Series

At the corner of Stone Way and 40th Street sits a humble building surrounded by a sprawl of homes and businesses. This is our second oldest delivery kitchen. With just a small counter and lobby, the Stone Way location has delivered a staggering amount of pizza in the last 20 years. Despite the steady swell [...]

A Little Slice of Bliss (For FREE This Saturday)

For those of you in search of pizza Shangri-La, your never-never land of brick-baked goodness, we'll get you one step closer. Our Lake City Way and Bridle Trails locations are now serving slices everyday starting at 11AM. In celebration, they will be dishing up free slices on April 20th. That's right! F-R-E-E slices! This slice-topia [...]

Floisand Studio

Now that our new Madison Delivery Kitchen is open, many people have asked about the architect. Floisand Studio is the firm we chose to design this space, as we have a history of successful projects with them. We first worked with architect Richard Floisand and his incredible team when they remodeled the façade of our Magnolia [...]

LEED Certified Pizzeria, comin' right up!

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the blog post about the History of our new Madison Valley Location, we have built what we expect will be Seattle's first stand-alone LEED-certified pizzeria. As a locally owned, privately held business in Seattle, building LEED is a huge financial and logistical commitment, but being "green" [...]