Jeff Woodruff: 20 Years in the Making

Meet Jeff Woodruff, our Vice President of Operations who is celebrating his 20th Anniversary this week. Jeff is pictured at our West Seattle location. [...]

Happy 30th, Broadway!

We opened our Broadway Pizzeria on Capitol Hill 30 years ago. To celebrate, on Saturday we are rolling back prices to what they were in 1983. If you were around, 1983 was a pretty memorable year. Even for those too young to remember, it was one of those years that has just remained in the [...]

In Defense of The Hawaiian

Let's face it, that particular subgenre of pizza known as "The Hawaiian" (or alternatively, Canadian Bacon and Pineapple, CBP, or my personal favorite, the Swine and Pine) inspires either love or loathing. Pizza purists (particularly folks from the East Coast) regularly come through our pizzeria slice bars and proclaim (often loudly) that "FRUIT DOES NOT [...]

A bit of history about our new Madison location.

As we get ready to open our newest location in MadisonValley, we thought we'd share a little bit of the site history with you. Because even as the new location itself will be a first (Seattle's first stand-alone LEED certified pizzeria – making it one of the most environmentally friendly restaurant spaces in the city) [...]

Honoring Tyrone Fabroa

A year ago we were devastated by the loss of Tyrone Fabroa, the General Manager of our Broadway Pizzeria. His tragic paddleboard accident on Lake Washington sent a wave of grief throughout Pagliacci. Tyrone's 10-year legacy with us touched all of our managers, many of our crew and many more of our customers. [...]

The Oscars are almost here!

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and (master of the segue that I am,) I thought I would take on a question that is heard in many of our locations: "So, just what is the story with the Italian movie posters, anyway?" When our founder, Dorene Centioli-McTigue opened up our first pizzeria in the University District, [...]

Lights. Camera. Action.

Every so often we're asked to take part in a casting call. We don't always know the name of the movie. Sometimes it's called "Working Title" or "Untitled Production." Sometimes we know who will be starring in the film. Sometimes we don't. Regardless of what we know about the production in advance, the part we [...]

Clowning Around

The very first Pagliacci logo featured a clown. It was published on the first menus, but never made it in neon. It took us a year before putting a sign up at our pizza joint on The Ave. At that time we dropped the clown and simply stuck with our name. The image reappears every [...]

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