OSL: The Food Rescue Experts

OSL is a non profit whose mission is to bring food that is nutritional and safe to all those who struggle with hunger in our community. They do this through the creation and delivery of nutritionally dense, no-cost meals. They are instrumental in advocating and supporting an equitable food system for all. Read about our journey with OSL here, on our blog! [...]

Rumiano Cheese Company

At Pagliacci, choosing the best ingredients for our pizza is one of our most important jobs. There's a lot that goes into deciding which ingredients we want to use. Consistency and availability are important factors, but we also value the process that goes into making the product. Rumiano Cheese Company hits all of those points and more. Read our blog to learn the story behind the cheese and why we are proud to have worked with them for over a decade. [...]

Down on the Farm Series: Growing Great Farmers

We love teaming up with local businesses that share our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Viva Farms had all of that in spades with the added bonus of helping others achieve their dreams. Keep reading to learn about this [...]

Down on the Farm Series: Where the Kale Grows

We took a field trip to the Snoqualmie Valley to see where our kale grows! Keep reading to learn how we came to partner with fine folks of Oxbow Farm. [...]

Down on the Farm Series: For the Love of Olives

Last week we took you along with us on a tour of the tomato fields. From there, it was just a hop, skip and jump to the orchards where our olives are harvested. Keep reading to learn how this topping gets to your pizza! [...]

Down on the Farm Series: The "Greenest" Tomatoes Around

For us, farm-to-pizza isn't a fad; it's a key component that sets us apart from the other pizza guys. In our Down on the Farm series, we're giving you a glimpse at how some of our ingredients go from farm to kitchen to pie. Keep reading to learn how we get the "greenest" tomatoes around! [...]

Peak Season for the Asparagus Primo

It's no secret that we love locally sourcing our products as often as possible. Not only does this sustainable practice lend itself to a tastier pie, it helps build community while fostering a cleaner environment. Washington is one of the largest Asparagus producers in the United States, so we feel fortunate to have this elegant, [...]

It's a Ripe Time to be Green

Sometimes green isn't good. The Wicked Witch of the East is an evil biddy, the Incredible Hulk has rage issues, and raw green tomatoes can be poisonous. But the kind of green we are talking about is related to the environment, and what a ripe time it is to be green! At Pagliacci, we are [...]

Floisand Studio

Now that our new Madison Delivery Kitchen is open, many people have asked about the architect. Floisand Studio is the firm we chose to design this space, as we have a history of successful projects with them. We first worked with architect Richard Floisand and his incredible team when they remodeled the façade of our Magnolia [...]

LEED Certified Pizzeria, comin' right up!

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the blog post about the History of our new Madison Valley Location, we have built what we expect will be Seattle's first stand-alone LEED-certified pizzeria. As a locally owned, privately held business in Seattle, building LEED is a huge financial and logistical commitment, but being "green" [...]

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