Spring Seasonals for Your Table

With the beginning of Spring comes fresh seasonals; Our Matador Primo, Broccolini Combo and Riso gelato from Gelatiamo mark the seasonal transition! [...]

Solidarity with the Asian Community

The alarming rise of pandemic-related racism against Asian Americans has contributed to an increase in hate crimes, including the horrific shootings in Atlanta. Hate has no home at Pagliacci, and we continue work in our communities to stamp out racism and to spread a message of hope and tolerance. Michelle Akiyama Galvin's family is co-owner of Pagliacci Pizza where Michelle oversees accounting and marketing. A fourth-generation Japanese American, she shares some of her troubling experiences and a plea for kindness in these difficult times. [...]

π = $3.14

No need to break out the calculator to enjoy Pi Day, March 14 (aka 3/14). Here's how the math works out at Pagliacci: Order an 11" pizza and get a second 11" pizza for just $3.14. [...]

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