Flowerhead Rosé

We have a fabulous new Washington State rosé made by the Mark Ryan Winery. Bottles of this pizza-friendly wine are now available for delivery or pickup. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: JuneBaby Hot Sauce

Order a whole pie Tuesday August 11, and we'll bring you a bottle of the best hot sauce you've ever tasted. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: Coffee Beans from Boon Boona

Order a whole pie this Tuesday (August 18), and we'll bring you a bag of Boon Boona's single-estate Owemba coffee, a premium coffee from Uganda.  [...]

Now Available: Macrina Bakery's Ready-to-Bake Olivia's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Nothing beats a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven, warm but still gooey. With Macrina Bakery's Ready-to-Bake Olivia's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough you can pop a tray in the oven while you eat your pizza and enjoy one of Seattle's finest cookies at their best—warm in the middle with a crisp exterior and a soft, rich crumb.  [...]

Farm to Pizza Seasonals

Our August seasonal specials include Peachza, a long-time customer favorite, Emily's Pie, our newest seasonal. [...]

Hmong Flower Pop-Up at Pagliacci Pizza 

When the Pike Place Market closed in mid-March due to Washington state's stay-home order, the Hmong flower sellers had to adapt. Vikki Cha has opened a pop-up five days of the week at various Pagliacci locations.  [...]

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