Salumi Meatballs, Summer Heirloom and Whopper Gelato

It's time for summer seasonals! We're featuring the winner of our best new pizza contest from a few years ago, the Salumi Meatball. We also our seasonal best-seller, the Summer Heirloom, along with Whopper Gelato. Be sure to order these summer delights while supplies last! [...]

Jordan Morris in the House!

Never meet your heroes, or so the expression goes. Well, we got to meet one of ours, and we're only too glad we did. Jordan Morris, a star forward for the Seattle Sounders, stopped our Mercer Island store for an event supporting the Jordan Morris Foundation. We taught him to toss pizza the Pagliacci way, he autographed jerseys and more, everyone had fun eating and drinking, and we signed a BIG check. Read more on our blog! [...]

40 Facts about Pagliacci Pizza

We're 40! Some might call that old, but in restaurant years, 40 is legendary -Sasquatch legendary- heard of, but rarely seen. We've seen a lot in our 40 years, and learned a little along the way. Read our list of 40 facts about Pagliacci on our blog! [...]

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